About L&P Aerospace

L&P Aerospace creates engineered components and assemblies for use in the aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, and research industries. We can be your strategic partner to provide you with finished products that meet your exact specifications.

Our components are made with high-performance materials, like nickel alloys, titanium, and stainless steel alloys, to withstand high and low temperatures, heavy air and water pressure, and corrosive chemicals. These materials are formed into tube and duct assemblies with expertise and precision, and can fit any requirements in size, wall thickness, and seam welding.

L&P Aerospace is a designated growth organization within Leggett & Platt, a member of the S&P 500, and global manufacturer of engineered components. We utilize the strength and size of Leggett to lower program risk and increase support with a long-term perspective. With locations across Europe and the United States, L&P Aerospace maintains consistent global reach with regional support close to customers.